More than ideas, ideals.

Shameless geek

Many projects, none will be completed.

Addicted to games

I love games, but I do not want to platinum, just have a good time.

I know, nothing

A lot of ideas, no time. Many passions, no match. Lots of hobbies, no tools. So that is me...


Yes... A robot. Arduino + junk.

See this and others here

I said games?

But no, probably you do not will play with me. I'm a bit antisocial person. Want to see? Click here.

And other things...

Here a sample... No, a try in video editing. I tried photograph, programming, hardware, woodworking, painting... I know home maintenance, electrical tools, and so on... I hate ask to someone to make anything for me, so I do myself almost all I can do.

What people are saying...

Lara M. (wife)

"This is fantastic! You are the best person of entire world and a awesome husband!"

Bob M. (my cat)


Random P.

"Who are you? Freak."

Ready to get started? HAhaHAHAha!

...are you joking, right?